Live wedding music pros to make your wedding day perfect

Rosanna D'Agnillo and Aleksandra Danicic of Alchemy Rose
Violin – Piano – Voice – Guitar – Cello  – add Bass – Ukulele – Accordion – Mandolin – soloists, duo, trio, quartets and more.

Why live wedding musicians? Live wedding music is the inexpensive extra that makes your wedding day magical! For the wedding ceremony, reception, and dinner, we create an atmosphere of romance, warmth, celebration, honor, elegance and fun. All of our music is tailored to your exact requirements, whether elegant, romantic, upbeat, modern, classical, country, folk, pop and more.

We work with your ideas easily and without fuss! You are the boss. And we love weddings; it’s so romantic! Our top priority is ensuring our contribution of live wedding music makes the most special celebration of your life extra easy, beautiful and perfect. We know you are under pressure, and we will absolutely accommodate what you need, working with you.

Piano? Guitar? Violin? Cello? Vocals? Contact us to let us know what you are looking for: we can provide the exact arrangement you need of any instrument whether a soloist, duo, trio or larger ensemble. Keep reading, to see why you should choose Alchemy Rose for your live wedding music needs, and a ballpark estimate for our rates:

Rosanna D'Agnillo and Aleksandra Danicic of Alchemy Rose
Rosanna D’Agnillo and Aleksandra Danicic of Alchemy Rose

Why Alchemy Rose?

  • Experience: we have performed live wedding music at ceremonies, receptions, and dinners all over Alberta–Banff, Canmore, every major facility in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, and Priddis; Edmonton, Ponoka, lots of small towns, and in BC, in the Rockies and Kootenays.
  • We can play inside or outside as you require, with all our own supplies if needed (canopy, stools, powered keyboard and speaker for mountain venues). And yes, we’ll even lend you our wireless battery-powered mic if you & your marriage commissioner need one!
  • We play any style of music for you on your special day; you’re not stuck with a limited list of classical songs or outdated pop songs. You tell us your dream, and we figure out the details. We can arrange your special request songs at no charge or a small charge if it’s complex; Rosanna will let you know asap.
  • Don’t know what live wedding music to pick? No problem; we will meet with you, sitting around Rosanna’s piano for an hour, testing out ideas, so we can help you choose, making appropriate suggestions based on your needs as a couple and family.
  • We perform at all parts of the wedding celebration if needed – showers, pre-wedding dinners, rehearsal parties, ceremonies, cocktail hour, reception, wedding party entrances, wedding supper, speeches support and more. Yes, we will attend your rehearsal.

Rates- No Surprises or hidden costs!  NOTE: 20% RATE CUT TO SUPPORT COUPLES DUE TO CURRENT CRISIS! 

  • For 1 hour ceremony (including 15 mins pre-ceremony music and a couple post-ceremony songs so your guests can transition from the ceremony): average cost for soloist is $275; duo $450; trio $650. Plus GST.
  • For reception/supper: $100 extra per hour per musician.
  • Local travel: $25 per musician to Airdrie, Okotoks, Priddis, Strathmore etc.
  • To Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise: $75 per musician. For further destinations, contact us for a quote.
  • Extra costs: rehearsal $75 (in Calgary only); outdoor $25 per musician; to set up our canopy for outdoor venues- $50
  • 50% due at time of booking; balance due date of ceremony. Credit card, eTransfer, Paypal acceptable (We will add the 3.5% credit card/paypal fee to the total).

Please contact us right away with your date, venue and interests; Rosanna will get you an exact price within 24 hours and schedule an in-person, telephone, or virtual meeting to review your needs.

Aleksandra & Rosanna of Alchemy Rose