What is the best wedding ceremony music for me? Part 1

What is the best wedding ceremony music for My Wedding?

Many couples come to us wondering what music to choose for their weddings. They might have some songs they like, but they are sometimes not sure what is right for which part of the ceremony. There seems to be some common belief that there is a list of best wedding ceremony music that they SHOULD follow to make the wedding as beautiful as possible.

Actually, our position is that the best wedding ceremony music for your wedding will speak to who you are as a couple. Music is your opportunity to communicate in a very intimate and subtle way to your guests. Whether you want pop or classical music for the ceremony, some couples prefer very soft and elegant arrangements, some prefer more stately arrangements, and some prefer more upbeat arrangements.

What is the best wedding ceremony music for me?
What is the best wedding ceremony music for me?

Our first advice is to think of the mood you’d like to set for the ceremony: soft and inviting, elegant and sophisticated, lively, or a mix of moods. This is the first thing to talk to potential musicians about. Sometimes couples don’t even know, but we can figure out from the list of samples they might refer us to.

The first observation we make is the “tone” of the pieces, and then we are ready to give you an additional list of suggestions, whether pop and classical. You listen, bounce ideas back to us, and the list is further refined to produce the “best wedding ceremony music” for your very unique dream day!

You don’t need to use classical music for an elegant ceremony! There are so many beautiful love songs in the pop repertoire that can be elegantly arranged by Alchemy’s piano trio (piano, cello, violin, voice, guitar) that are very striking and moving. For example, we’ve played weddings where the couple has picked their favorite romantic songs of all time, and we’ve arranged them either instrumentally or vocally. Elton John’s My Song, Time in a Bottle, I Know I Love You, My Endless Love, Thousand Years, Time after Time, Halo and Close to You are some examples of super lyrical romantic music.

Which parts of your ceremony require music? Check out part two of this article, coming soon, for a comprehensive list of the ceremony sections, along with a description of the kind of music and some sample classical selections you might include!

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