Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Music

Music is a pivotal part of most weddings, and really helps bring out your personalities and establish connection between you and your guests. Here are the categories you need to figure out, and we can help you with this!

#1: Pre-Wedding Events – wedding shower,  bachelor/ette parties, rehearsal dinner. Live music makes your offering very elegant and sophisticated.

Alchemy Rose Live Wedding Music Calgary - How to choose wedding music checklist
Alchemy Rose Live Wedding Music Calgary – How to choose wedding music checklist

#2: Before the Ceremony – this plays while your guests get seated and wait for the arrival of the wedding party. Very important to keeping your guests patient yet excited! Music should start about 20-30 minutes before the scheduled ceremony start time.

#3: Processionals – these play during the walk down the aisle. You need more than one selection:

  • One song for the groom’s family and other family members,
  • One song for the bridesmaids (useful when the wedding party is just, well, really big!
  • One song for the bride.

#4: Instrumentals / ceremony music – this fills longer periods of silence such as the signing, or appropriate spiritual selections for religious weddings.

#5: Recessional – This is the music for the wedding party’s exit after the ceremony. Generally more upbeat now that the pressure of the vows is off. Music should continue to play until after your guests have left.

#6: Cocktail hour music: low-key, fun music to set the mood for your guests. Important to set the tone for the evening, keep your guests energized and happy; patient, yet not overstimulated.

#7: Reception entrance: this is to mark the bride and groom’s entrance into the reception, usually with the wedding party in tow.

#8: Dancing: the first dance of bride and groom, and next the father/mother of the bride and groom.

#9: Reception music: your playlist sets the party and dancing atmosphere!

#10: Bouquet and garter toss: a fun and saucy part of the wedding ritual!

Thanks! Alchemy Rose