Our most popular wedding music requests

Top Summer Wedding Music Requests

What are couples most interested in this summer? So far our top picks are as follows:

Pre-Ceremony Music – this is a mix of classical and pop. If classical, usually the couple will let us pick music that is appropriate for the mood. We especially love Tartini’s Cantabile and Vivaldi’s Largo from Winter. For pop, our top requests for pre-ceremony are Ed Sheeran’s music (Perfect, Thinking out Loud); Bruno Mars (Just the Way You Are), Elton John’s Love Song, Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle, Somewhere over the Rainbow, and Beyonce’s Halo.

Wedding Music Requests
Wedding Music Requests

Processional – this classic remains top of our request list! Pachelbel’s Canon in D. When the wedding couple wants just this one piece for the processional of the entire bridal party, we save the big part for the bride’s entrance, pausing for a quick cadence to announce her presence so the guests can stand. Then the strings or piano will take on the quick moving high passages of this lovely piece!

Signing of the Registry – top piece for classical is the Massenet’s Meditation from the opera Thais; it has a gorgeous soaring melody for violin or cello that is really striking. For pop music, our top request is of course…Thousand Years by Christina Perry. We do this with vocals or with instrumentals (piano/violin/cello).

Recessional  – For classical music, couples usually ask us to choose something that meets their mood, and we usually choose an upbeat Handel selection, like Hornpipe or La Rejouissance. For pop music, the most popular request is Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Regarding wedding music requests, you don’t have to do what other couples are doing! It’s most important that you pick songs that you feel represent who you are as a couple, or that set the mood you want to establish: romantic, elegant, sophisticated, intimate and so on.

We hope this short summary of wedding music requests helps you choose your own ceremony music! We are happy to help guide this process and offer suggestions!

Kind regards,

Alchemy Rose