Would Alchemy Rose play for my outside wedding ceremony in the autum?

Outside Wedding Ceremonies in the Autumn – Alchemy Rose Policies

Can we play outside wedding ceremonies in the autumn? Yes, we have many times. We have a small extra fee of $25 per musician, with minimum temperature requirements; we can’t play outside if it’s under 12 degrees.

Alas, autumn in Calgary is fickle; we can have snow and sleet and rain and cold at any moment without notice…so you will need to plan ahead to make sure just a few things are in place:

  1. Cover¬†– we’ll need a tent, building vestibule, or covered deck etc just in case the weather is not cooperating. While we are happy to play outside even if it’s cool, the instruments & electronic gear are not as tough as we are, so a bit of cover will take care of this problem.
  2. Electricity – for the digital piano, microphones, or amplifying a guitar at outside wedding ceremonies, we need access to electricity and cooperation with the facility manager to make sure extension cables can be run & placed safely.
  3. Site Walk Through
    This is a must; we must meet with you prior to the ceremony at the outside wedding ceremony venue. We will be looking for where we can take cover, where we can plug in, and how to be out of the way so that your guests can move fluidly through the venue.
  4. Advance arrival to set up & assistance from facility manager
    We’ll need to test everything about an hour before the ceremony. We will need to test the speaker system, set volume levels for all instruments and the voice, etc. The facility manager should be onsite with us for the set up to help with gear connections and level testing.

And that’s about it! If you are able to work with us on these reasonable policies, we will have no trouble performing outside. We are very flexible and versatile and want to support you to make your dream day the most magical it can be.¬† Contact us today to get a quote for your outside wedding ceremony.

Thanks & kind regards,

Alchemy Rose – Your Live Wedding Musicians in Calgary & the surrounding area.